Infrastructure Landscape is the methodology that expands the performance parameters of a designed landscape to a multi-functional, high performance system. Infrastructure Landscape can transform urban blight into an urban destination. It can help create an iconic identity for a city by utilizing latent natural and cultural characteristics.

About $ 1.5 trillion investment will be made in the infrastructure sector in the next 10 years out of which about $ 400 billion would be made in the coming 3 years alone. The opportunities these investments will throw for entrepreneurs in transforming the infrastructure of  roads, railways, metros, waterways, coastal seaways, ports, airports, irrigation and water works, housing, power, smart cities, industrial and transport corridors, commercial real estate etc. There can be no other time and no other country that can provide these kind of once in a lifetime kind of opportunities than here and now.

As the world faces an urgent need for new and repaired infrastructure systems, design and planning, professionals have the crucial opportunity to reimagine networks that support multiple uses and functions. Multipurpose infrastructure conserves land, shares the financial load of its development, restores previously overlooked or damaged natural ecologies, reinforces healthy transit options, and provides public access to much needed open space.


srini rajuMr. Srini Raju
Chairman, iLabs Group

Fortune 500 company Founder
Mr. Srini Raju is the founder of iLabs Capital, part of a well-established business group known as Peepul Capital Advisors – An India focused, sector agnostic Private Equity fund with $700 million under management. He was the founder CEO of Cognizant Technology Solutions Limited –  A Fortune 500 IT services and consulting firm with an employee base of 256,800 and revenue of $13 billion. He is also the man behind the creation of Sri City – A 7,000-acre stretch close to the Andhra Pradesh-Tamil Nadu border catering to around 100 companies from 25 countries with investments totalling to $2 billion. He is on the Executive Board of ISB, where he donated $ 6 million towards developing a Research Centre in the areas of Information Technology and Networked Economy (SRITNE). He is a Member of Governing Board and Governing Council; Founding Member and a Donor of IIIT – A non-governmental Public Institution set up on Public-Private Partnership Model by Leading Tech Companies and the Government of Telangana.

ranjan paiDr. Ranjan Pai*
CEO & MD, Manipal Education & Medical Group

Dr Ranjan Pai is the young, dynamic CEO and MD of the Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG), the corporate holding entity of the group that focuses on Education, Healthcare and Research. Dr Pai restructured the entire group in line with the global business environment, to anticipate, meet, and take on new challenges. He has been instrumental in corporatising the group by bringing in expert professionals at the management level and has taken the education and healthcare business to impressive heights, attracting private equity capital in the process. Dr Pai’s vision and dynamic entrepreneurial skills, coupled with a strong focus on innovation and implementation, has enabled the Manipal Education and Medical Group to become a major player in the healthcare domain

mahima datlaMs. Mahima Datla
MD & Director at Biological E. LTD

Biotech Head Honcho
Ms. Mahima Datla is the MD and Director at Biological E. LTD – a privately held biopharmaceutical company based in Hyderabad with 2000+ employees founded in 1953. Ms. Datla was instrumental for the Bio-Tech progress in the country. She is part of the senior leadership, instrumental in expanding the vaccine business and serves on the board of GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization). She’s been the director for BE Immuno Sciences Private Limited, Biona Herbal Research Centre Private Limited, BE Research Centre, Biotech Medicals Private Limited, Be Immunology Private Limited, BE Vaxco Private Limited, Vaxenic India Private Limited, Lacto-Cosmetics Hyd Private Limited, Sadhikaratha Foundation etc.