One of the aspects that an entrepreneur finds most daunting is raising capital. Finding and securing start-up and growth stage capital takes careful research, good negotiating skills, and an unflagging commitment to launch and grow your business. If you have the passion and commitment, here’s a unique platform to connect YOU with venture capitalists and angel investors.

TiE-ISB Connect Business plan showcase is a unique platform for entrepreneurs to

  • A chance to present your business plan to a panel of Angels/Venture capitalists and win the assured investment up to ONE CRORE from Sri Capital and Hyderabad Angels.
  • To be incubated at Indian School of Business/TiE Accelerator Program
  • Connect one-on –one with Angel investors and venture capitalists to raise seed capital for start-ups and growth capital for mature businesses.

This platform also provides angel investors, and venture capitalists access to targeted investment proposals.

Submit a good investment pitch that shows investors your company’s potential.

Target Entrepreneurs

  • Entrepreneurs from start-ups and SMEs across India
  • Diverse proposals for funding, ranging from seed capital to growth capital
    • financially promising, sustainable and scalable; and
    • technically and managerially competent


  • Seeking angel funding/acceleration( upto Rs.2 crores)
  • Be in existence for at least 6 months
  • Be a venture with a clear-cut offering
  • Innovative in operations, product or service, or marketing
  • Gaining traction (customers, markets, prototype, etc.)


  • Seeking Venture funding ( Rs. 2 Crores – Rs. 25 Crores)
  • Be in existence for at least 24 months
  • Be a venture with a clear-cut offering
  • Innovative in operations, product or service, or marketing
  • With customers, markets and revenue in place and growing


  • Entrepreneurs will register and submit investor profiles by 05 Oct 2012
  • Initial screening will be completed by 19th Oct With additional information sought as needed
  • Mentoring Round : 29 Oct 2012 – 10 Nov 2012
  • Shortlisted ventures will be notified on 12th Nov 2012
  • Final presentations and one-on-one discussion between entrepreneurs and investors will take place at Tie-ISB Connect at ISB Hyderabad on 22nd Nov 2012

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