Entrepreneur – everything apart from the investment

If you have the best ideas that are 3U’s – Unique, Useful and Updated you are in the business. These 3Us will get the Success to you as long as you have some key pointers that you enforce in you:

1. Hunt your Vision

If you are able to inspire a few, thousands will follow you and so does money. The idea that you have and the one idea that you live for should be inspiring enough. And this is the idea you hunt for every time. Keep dreaming, keep talking and make it happen. Have the 3Us plugged in to your vision every time you revisit it.

2. Be smart – a 360° view

A specialist, a techie and a business savvy, everyone will have the entrepreneurial honchos in them. But the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who have everything in them, either by acquiring or by learning. And then business happens. Know your boundary, know the pros and cons and play the way you should. Most importantly your idea should be unique and useful (part of 3U).

3. Determination – connecting the finer dots

You should have the ability to understand the complete landscape, willingness to learn & drive and focus to attempt it till you succeed. If you are able to construct your ideas along these lines, you may then have to just showcase your success as it happened. And then you will find that most of it has gone in building it and success just followed.

4. What you did in the past and what you have now

Maybe doesn’t really matter as long as you follow the 3Us. You might have been successful in your career and you get most of those ideas linking the dots in the entrepreneurial space. Yes, it is important, but not essential. Investment doesn’t strictly follow these parameters but would like to see any of the top 3 points and the 3Us that have in you.

And then investment follows….
Also understand Pitching or showcasing or presenting business is not just only for Investment… if you can get Suggestions / Mentors / Associates…
Investment / Money follows….